Hey Gaudy kids! This episode is a nice fireside chat of what's going on in our Gaudy lives. If you've been under a rock this past week, then you may n...View Details

Heyo Gaudzillas! This episode features a special guest, Petey Gibson! He is here promoting his new film, Sympathy Card. Petey is a hilarious comedian...View Details

This episode of Gaudy Positive is a little more serious because we don't fool around when it comes to MONEY. Jenny has been listening to books on tape...View Details

On this weeks episode of Gaudy Positive, we have a special guest! Jen O'Donnell joins us as we discuss some very funny, interesting, and outright stra...View Details

Well, the world happened to our Gaudy Positive gals this week. Now and Jenny and Kat are both car accident sisters, they can move on and talk about se...View Details

Heyo Gaudzillas! We are back and have a lot to discuss. First off, we chat about the four agreements. These are rules to live by and hopefully will in...View Details

Gaudy Positive Ep 24

After a week break we are back and hotter than the center of the sun! This week we chat about gaudy weddings (it was a secret but now it's not), The W...View Details

This show is basically live, we just recorded it! Jen and Kat discuss when Gaudy goes wrong - mostly when the wealthy turn into monsters and exploit t...View Details

Jenny is back from Germany! Kat is back from New York City! The gals of Gaudy Positive are out living their best lives from the Image Awards to Goth S...View Details

Jenny and Kat have been living it up so this episode is a day late but WORTH IT. Kat made Jenny watch Pen15 . She did. But watched the wrong episodes....View Details

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