Hey Gaudzillas! We sat down, over zoom, with the hilarious and talented Kira Soltanovich! Kira is a comedian who is ballzy, funny, says WHATS ON HER G...View Details

THIS IS A REPOST!   Hey Gaudy kids! This episode is a nice fireside chat of what's going on in our Gaudy lives. If you've been under a rock this past ...View Details

Can you believe we are 58 episodes in? We have a real BANGER of a show - not one but TWO guests. Brandon Redenius of Black Mast clothing and Michael W...View Details

On this episode of Gaudy Positive we talk to stylist and business woman Marcy Guevara-Prete. She is co-owner of The Plus bus, a plus size fashion shop...View Details

We welcome the hilarious and talented Dulce Sloan to Gaudy Positive! She's a radiant, funny, and crafty lady and she's trapped in NYC. We chat about d...View Details

Let's get WEIRD! We get into some Gaudy science about Wandering Wombs and wombs flying all over the place. Basically this episode is about men being d...View Details

Let's forget that we are stuck in our houses and free ourselves of this mortal coil and DRIFT LIKE A GHOST INTO THE UNKNOWN! We talk about ghost stori...View Details

Hey Gaudzillas, we know there is a lot you could be doing while cooped up in your homes. You can finally write that novel, clean you baseboards, or ev...View Details

I know we should be keeping a schedule, but fuck it. It's the end of the world and you'll get these when you get them! Today's episode we talk about t...View Details

HEYO! I know it's been a minute and I bet you've got through all your Gaudy specials and are DYING for a new one. Well here it is! We have a new Gaudy...View Details

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